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When time and safe arrival of your goods is of the essence, it is time for our air freight departments to step in. We know how important it is to have a flexible and enterprising logistics partner when deadlines suddenly change or other unforeseen things happen. Precision and reliability is what we strive for, time and again.

Air transport for a timely solution

YOUR FREIGHT ’s air freight team do not have a key or a fixed chart with solutions, but tailor a solution that matches your transport needs here and now.

Air freight is the optimal solution if:

•your delivery must meet a very exact deadline;

•you need a flexible worldwide transport solution;

•you need to make up for lost time in the supply chain;

•you need to take the goods quickly from point A to point B.

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We can offer 

Air frieght import

Transportation of goods from another country to your home country. 

Air freight export

Transportation of shipments out of the country. We make sure we put together everything and keep track of all the papers, forms and regulations that vary from one country to another. 

Air freight cross trade

Cross trade is for those of you who need transportation between two destinations neither of which is your home country. For example, from a factory in USA and for delivery to Europe.

·Fuel charges

Air carriers charge fuel charges because of the unstable and high fuel prices.

·Safety charges

Charges implemented after 9/11 as an extra charge on air freight as payment for raised security in the airports.

·Courier service

We ensure quick door-to-door service:

Local and international

Collection and delivery service for urgent goods or documents

·Transport documentation

Master Airway Bill: Document issued between a freight forwarder and freight carrier where the freight forwarder takes over the role of supplier.

House Airway Bill: Own transport document/air freight document issued by a forwarding agent who offers a consolidation service. The House Airway Bill is a document issued between the shipper and the forwarding agent where the forwarding agent becomes Deemed Carrier.

Airway Bill: Receipt issued by the aircraft operator in proof of the transport of the goods.

·Customs documents

As a rule, the following documents are required for clearing goods through customs on arrival to the destination:

Order confirmation

Packing list

Certificate of Origin – if required

GSP Certificate – if required

Packing Declaration – if required

Import Licence – if required

Other documents that may be applicable – depending on goods or destination.

·Customs regulations

The applicable regulations in the countries where the goods are imported.

·Incoterms rules

For more information about the rules of Incoterms®, see the website of the International Chamber of Commerce, ICC.


We offer global-wide transport insurance of goods through our valued insurance partners. This is your best protection against suffering losses when the chips are down.


A company that arranges shipments on behalf of a client, yet does not have an aircraft of its own. The company arranges the shipment through a third party. The presence of the goods on the aircraft is confirmed by the air freight documents.


Cargo Centre Billund and Copenhagen Airport can conduct security checks by means of screening. For more information, please contact our Airfreight Export department in China.

·Packaging of goods

We package the goods to prepare them in the best way possible for transportation by air.

·Flight schedule

Contact our air freight department at:

Tel.: +86 10 8081 0990

Mail: info@yourfreight.cn

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